For many financial advisors and Mutual Fund Distributors, Marketing is a tough job, as primarily you are focused on client relationships and portfolio management. However, having a well-planned marketing strategy in place will take your practice a long way

Listed below are few ways to get your practice improved:

1. Get a PLAN in place

It is always important to understand your audience and create a plan based on it. Once you know the daily tasks to be completed. You can take the help of a CRM software (OFA) to manage your daily schedule. Such a system will help you to focus where your marketing efforts are put into. By scheduling your daily tasks and reminders, you can have a proper engagement channel and thereby increase your communication with your clients.


2. Social Media

If you still aren’t on social media, then its high time that you make your presence feel on social media platforms. Such platforms not only help you to promote your brand but can also be used for effective engagement. You can create content and share relevant post by using effective hastags for better impressions and reach. Such ways can better brand your practice to your target audience.


3. Email Marketing

Always segregate your prospects and clients into buckets. These buckets can be as per age, goals, income, etc. Once your prospects are in buckets, you can easily target your clients and send relevant mails to the specific prospective group rather than just junk mailing which might end up in their spam folder.