Comprehensive & Diverse Reports

In order to keep track of client’s investments, a MFD needs to maintain different statements. The wide range of reports available in OFA Plus, enables an MFD to check valuation of mutual funds, transactions done in the past, SIP details etc.
  1. MF portfolio valuation report (unrealised)
  2. SIP/STP reports
  3. Mutual Fund Maturity reports (ELSS & Close-Ended Schemes)
  4. Capital gain report
  5. Notional Capital Gains report
  6. Profitable & Loss-making Folios/Schemes
  7. Business opportunity reports
  8. Transaction History
  9. Net-worth Report
Business Analytics/Dashboards
The dashboard offers a quick and updated status about various statistics whether it is AUM increase, SIP growth or mutual funds data making it a must for IFAs.
  1. Mutual Fund & SIP Summary Dashboard
  2. Business Statistics
  3. AUM Growth Details/Dashboard
  4. Brokerage report
  5. AUM by AMC/Scheme/Client
  6. Business opportunity report

Client Engagement Tools

Every Distributor knows the significance of client engagement as it is the one of the key ways to grow practice and retain clients in the long term. OFA Plus has a comprehensive library of diverse categories especially developed for MFDs.
  1. OFA Library (1000+ customizable articles)
  2. Seasonal greetings & auto reminders
  3. Mass emailing
  4. Self-branded sales enablers
  5. Delivery reports
Online MF Transaction
Integrated with prominent online transaction portal such as NSE NMFII & BSE StarMF where distributors can initiate transactions through the portal and app in easy steps. Through this feature, distributor can also finish KYC procedure of clients in a couple of minutes and begin investments.
  1. Online transaction facility for Purchase/Switch/Redemption
  2. Paperless client on-boarding for NSE NMFII & BSE StarMF platform
  3. Online MF transaction for clients
  4. Bank mandate Registration & X-SIP

Goal tracking & Analysis Report

The prime role of a distributor is to make sure their clients achieve their objectives in the stipulated time frame. The goal tracking feature helps to monitor client goals. MFDs can accordingly make changes in the financial plan if needed.
  1. Data collection tools to generate Goal-based reports
  2. Goal analysis report
  3. Execution trackers
  4. Goal dashboard
RTA mailback service-Auto Upload & recon
With the help of auto-upload facility, MFDs can easily upload transaction files from all RTAs. These files contain records of all transactions done by mutual fund investors.
  1. Mailback supported for – CAMS, KARVY
  2. RTA upload history
  3. Transaction history
  4. Dashboard tracking
  5. MF transaction details

Financial tools & Calculators

A convenient way to calculate and understand your client’s requirement for various needs. These interactive tools and calculators will create an urge among your clients to take right and informed decisions about their goals
  • SIP | Lumpsum | EMI | Target Corpus
  • Child education | Child Marriage | House Planner
  • Car Planner | Travel Planner | Retirement
Mutual Fund Content & Insights
Being an MFD, you must be aware of all the recent happenings in the mutual fund industry, new investment products launched, how schemes are performing etc, this feature will help MFDs to stay on track with the market news. Comprehensive research consolidated by experts keeps IFAs updated on a regular basis. Our analytics and details will help you with
  1. Market news
  2. Top holdings in the respective schemes
  3. Returns summary
  4. Scheme comparison
  5. OFA Insights
  6. Scheme Details (Fact sheet)

Multi-ARN (Additional Charge)

Consolidated Mutual Fund report available for advisors who have business across multiple ARNs