Its going to be a while before any one of us can get back to our routine. Most of the distributors would have to wait till they start meeting their clients face-to-face. Something which we all were doing for generations.

But, people still have financial needs, they are still looking out for investments and looking out for a distributor to help them out.

That means most of us have to upgrade and modernize the marketing approach in the Covid Era.

Here are the few marketing ideas for distributors to work during this time.

  • Pick your call:

If you haven’t called up your clients, now is the time. A lot of things have changed. Some of your clients have got a paycut, some business clients may have generated lesser profits and so on. A lot of them need some diversification and asset-allocation. Remember, when you call them be in a listening mode, tell them whats on your mind but do not force the solution before you hear what their issues are.

  • Create Zoom workshop or Webinar:

Now people are hungry for information and looking out for ways to invest and save their money. They have understood the importance of having money in emergency funds and what does it mean to have an adequate health insurance in place. Create a calendar and have session on various important topics. Covid related topics are a great way to start.

  • List down the FAQs

Past 8 months would have flooded you with a lot of questions relating to investments, planning, money-handling skills etc. How about listing it down and making a document which can be shared with your clients to clear their doubts and also upgrading their knowledge-level.