It’s been over 8 months of lockdown and still the future looks uncertain. With the upcoming festive swing, Markets volatility and pandemic. This means that things are still at risk anyway.

As a financial distributor, we have to help our clients understand that risk, and help them manage their money so they can accomplish their financial goals, but also so they can sleep at night in the meantime.

Those of you who have been around since before 2008 know this process well. For those of you who are getting started, here’s what you need to know.


Keep prospecting!

You will find that when markets are most uncertain, there is a real hunger out there for the kinds of services we provide. When people are most worried about their money, that’s when they need and want to hear from you.

When the markets are on top, people like to brag about their money when times are good. If you are prospecting, that works out too, let them brag. Get them talking. Eventually, they will give you an opening. Make those calls!!


Don’t stop communicating

Clients know you are not going to time the markets perfectly. Sometimes markets will move against you and your clients. That’s when they need to hear from you the most. You have got to keep reaching out to them and reminding them of the strategy. Most of the time you are going to remind them of the importance of diversification and patience. Sometimes, you will have to make the uncomfortable call to a client who is furious at you. Send emails, send texts and ensure you are communicating with your clients and staying in touch with them at all cost.


Remember to take care of yourself

Before you can tell your clients to hold steady in the face of a crazy market, you have got to be holding steady yourself too. That’s not an easy thing for a lot of advisors to do. We are not robots. We are not immune from human emotions ourselves.

Minimize stress and take care of yourself.