In the present financial world, Clients have multiple options to choose their distributor to get their investments running. It is therefore very important that distributors try everything in their capacity to win clients and generate new businesses.


That starts with listening more than talking, and obviously asking the right questions. Here are 4 important questions that distributors need to ask to win their clients:

  1. Can you share something about yourself?

This open-ended questions lets your client take the driver’s seat, letting them share about their life, family, hobbies etc. They may discuss things you have in common, which might organically lead to a deeper conversation. Knowing about a client’s family, professional, and personal life can help you pinpoint just where you can help. Do they own a business? Then maybe legacy planning or tax minimization is a conversation to have. Do they have children? Maybe talk about life insurance.

  1. How Can I help you?

This is the perfect time for your prospect to share their main reason for seeking out your services. This is also the right time for you to explain your proposition and services offered and most importantly describe how your skills can differ from other distributors. Ensure, to always do the best for your clients, as that will set you apart from your competitors.

  1. Are your currently accomplishing your target?

This question will help your prospective client get serious in the meeting, as this will not only make them think about their future but also make them self-realise about their savings habit. Spouses may disagree, which is perfectly fine, as it invites them to process their thoughts in a healthy and constructive setting. But no matter what their stated goals are, you should explain that you understand their perspectives, and that you’re eager to help.

  1. What would you like the next step to be?

No matter they say, you should complement their suggestion with an idea of your own—even something as safe as: “I’d like to suggest that we meet again and go over some details of ways I may help.” And then book the next appointment, then and there