Even as the world is crawling back to normal life, few positive aspects can be seen which we have learned from this pandemic. As everyone is adjusting their life to the new normal life post-lockdown. List below are certain key elements which distributors can start with in engaging with their clients.

  1. Rebuilding emergency corpus

The extended lockdown, salary cuts and job loss would have depleted your clients with their funds. As some clients would have gone for urgent redemptions, few of your clients would have stopped their SIPs to fund for their current needs. In this case, you can help your clients in re-building their emergency corpus. Infact, the last few months would have also shown the importance of having an emergency fund in hand. So needless to say, most of your clients would go be ready to plan/re-build their emergency fund.

  1. New ways to connect

During the lockdown, virtual meetings and video calls became a welcoming gesture. For smooth communication and seamless engagement most distributors adopted this strategy to stay connected with their clients – Digitally! Post-pandemic also a lot of clients and advisors will prefer to have digital meets in order to keep the context crisp and focused, which will eventually boost advisor’s productivity. The lockdown presented the need as well as the opportunity for advisors to consider ways to increase the use of easily available technologies in their practice.

  1. Getting back to investments

With the given markets volatility and the recent debt funds winding up, most investors are shying away from investments. Salary-cuts has also added to the misery whereby most investors have opted for stopping their SIPs. Given the tension in the market, and the extended lockdown, it will take a while for things to come back to normal. However, these are the times when clients can think about their portfolio, rebalancing their portfolio (if needed) and re-start planning for their goals as the markets are on sale.

  1. Showing Empathy

One of the most positive things to come out of this pandemic is all the genuine kindness and concern which each one is showing towards the other. No doubt, the loss suffered from this crisis is too huge to bear for most families. However, as a financial advisor and the most trusted person which your clients look up to, Have a friendly talk with your clients, understand their present situation and guide them to reach their financial freedom. It is during these financial crisis that a little empathy goes a long way.