An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

The famous saying of Mr. Franklin still holds true. Many advisors do not consider self development an essential part of growing their mutual fund business. The benefit of learning and knowledge compound over time as long as you keep learning.

Here are 4 reasons why advisors should start investing in self-development:

  1. You’ll provide better service to your clients

The most apparent benefit of education is that you will be able to better service your clients needs. You’ll be able to better advice and guide them. Which of course, will benefit you in the long run. Take out some time and invest in courses, seminars and certifications to better develop your technical skills. Join some local chapters or professional groups to gain some insights. The best ones frequently have guest speakers, seminars and events.

  1. You’ll be more productive

Productivity is a skill, just like reading Mutual Fund report is a skill. You have to work on it. One way to develop this skill is by taking personal development courses, attending seminars and reading the best books. Personal development helps you to build your soft skills – which are just as important as the hard technical skills on investment planning and mutual fund management is.

  1. You’ll benefit from the experience of others

As you develop as a mutual fund advisor, you will be asking brilliant people from all walks of life – doctors, lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs, successful business owners – to trust your guidance when it comes to their money. You owe it to them to devote as much time and effort into mastering your profession as they did theirs. Your reading list should include the best writing you can find in a variety of subjects – Financial Planning, Investing, Estate Planning, Technology, Leadership etc . As an advisor, you are going to have to tap every one of these skill sets at some point.

4.You’ll be Healthier

It’s a fact that healthy and fit people tend to earn better than who aren’t. Self-development also means you are developing yourself physically. Take out time to engage in activities to ensure you stay fit. Since most of advisors are self-employed , every penny in productivity loss comes straight out of your pocket, hence take care of yourself.