Exceptional client service undoubtedly plays a key role in an advisor’s practice as it helps him acquire more clients and increase asset base. Here are few significant factors when it comes to delivering top-notch client service:

1. Have an organized system in place
Every financial expert should have a calendar which should have important information related to each client. Such details include birthdays, anniversaries, portfolio reviews, insurance premium payments, tax-related deadlines, maturity dates of investments etc. Outstanding client service can only be possible when everything is systematized. You can use OFA Plus to help you do this digitally.
Whether you have 5, 50 or 100 clients, all their planned communication should be clearly marked on the calendar. Make checking and implementing these chores mentioned in the schedule part of your daily routine.

2. Be excellent at personalizing services
No robo-advisor can offer the level of personalization that a real advisor can. You possess the skill of understanding clients and their varied needs. You sit with them, involve their families in discussions and decipher their unexpressed messages.
Another tip is to personalize your emails. Research says that clients are more likely to view and respond to mails addressed particularly to them. Financial advisors can try this simple method. When you come across an interesting article which is relevant to a specific client or a group, send it to them with a small note. These actions barely take few seconds but they have a big impact on client service.

3. Focus on communication
Communication during market volatility should be an advisor’s top priority and an essential part of client service. Keep a robust communication plan ready so that you are on top of everything if the markets turn unstable. It is a known fact that clients are more likely to replace advisors when they are unable to interact with them when required.
Moreover, keep in mind that communication should not be one-sided. Being open to any kind of feedback from your clients is also part of excellent service. Besides, feedback is the best way for advisors to determine if clients are happy with their services and find out areas of improvement.