The impact of technology has been enormous on the financial advisory business. Owing to state-of-the-art mobile applications such as OFA which comes loaded with a host of advanced features, advisors are now able to manage multiple investment portfolios with ease from any corner of the world. As a result, they can serve a larger number of clients and spend more time in interacting with them.

If one has to describe the clients’ experience with their financial experts in this new era of technology, it will definitely be impressive and intense. Right from finding advisors, communicating with them, exchanging details and creating financial plans, the bond between clients and advisors is developing swiftly.

Investors now have the option of monitoring the current status of their investments whenever they want. They want to be informed at all times and ask advisors for restructured financial plans or a review of their portfolios. Moreover, they can share vital documents or exchange confidential mails related to their finances on a secure network. All this can be done in a matter of few seconds thanks to high-tech platforms developed especially for advisors and clients.

A growing trend among financial experts is the use of video and audio technologies to connect effectively with clients and moreover, provide content on a daily basis. Podcasts, customized videos plus YouTube channels are being employed be advisors to communicate with clients. These tools are an excellent way to build a long-term relationship and remind clients that you are constantly working towards achieving their goals. There is a hidden benefit too. If your client forwards the video or podcast to another person, it turns into an indirect referral for you.

There’s no doubt that today’s tech-savvy investors desire to connect with their financial guides on digital channels and need advice which is engaging and can be acted on quickly. This gives advisors a genuine opportunity to deliver exceptional client experience.