All of us are affected by Corona-virus and the shutdowns. Wearing mask and following social distancing will be with us for a very long time. Which means financial advisors have to change the way they communicate and market themselves.

So what’s the best path forward?

Keep your Clients informed always

Ensure to communicate with your clients. Never let their be silence between you and your clients, that’s how you loose your clients to competitors. Your clients need to have some perspective on market history. We have been through pandemics and other disasters many times before and they have always been buying opportunities, and the markets have always bounced back. Put things in perspective for them. They also need to hear from you on strategies to get by and minimize the damage when their incomes and small businesses have been impacted. They also need to know that you’re taking specific steps to ensure your office is clean and sanitary, and that its safe to come in.

Now’s the time to reach out with phone calls, emails, newsletters and the good-old fashioned letter.

Get proactive to start their investments

Reach out to all your existing clients and check with them, once you have completed engaging with your clients then reach out to your prospective ones. Contact everyone in your sales funnel.

Make informative videos / Email-marketing

Don’t try to email your entire contact base at once. Segment your current clients and active subscribers – those who have engaged with you within the last few months and accordingly prepare your communication.

Moreover, take this time to create informative/knowledge-sharing videos which can be consumed by your clients, this will make your clients remember you and get back to you when needed.