Successful Distributors know how they have to manage their time; they concentrate on client-related jobs such as bettering services and prospecting instead of everyday administrative activities. If you want to be an elite Distributor, you must learn to focus on what’s vital. Given below are some suggestions:

1. Pay attention to prospecting:

The significance of prospecting is not unknown to financial Distributors. It is undeniably the backbone of your practice and a prime way of increasing business. Prospecting should be one of the top activities that you should focus on. Keep some time aside for prospecting daily. Don’t get disheartened or worry about rejection. Once people know more about your services and trust you, they will turn into clients.

2. Always remember to follow up:

When you tell your present clients that you will call or a referral has asked you to call after a week, make certain that you follow up and get in touch. Often, following up is not taken seriously but it can cost you clients. It is an essential job; hence Distributors should never lose focus in terms of following up.

3. Improve your time management skills:

Maintaining a ‘to do’ list is vital for financial experts because you know exactly the tasks you have to carry out each day and don’t miss out on any important activity such as meetings with clients or prospects. Writing a list is not enough, you must ensure that you stick to the list and complete all tasks. Time management saves time and enhances productivity.

4. Focus on enhancing client experience:

When a client selects you, it is the beginning of a long-term association. Clients trust you to handle their finances and accomplish their goals. Give emphasis to client experience and offer impeccable service to them. Never let them down by not communicating when expected or skipping meetings. Call them in times of market volatility when they tend to panic and let them know you are there to guide them.

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