Many financial advisors perceive prospecting as a dreaded task. Fear of rejection makes this job the least favourite. However, the truth is that allocating time for prospecting is as vital as meeting your present clients because it is the only method through which you can grow your practice. Follow these 3 easy yet effective steps to make prospecting a routine


1. Fix prospecting targets and stick to it
Do backward calculations to determine the number of prospective clients you require contacting every week to attain your goals. If you are new in this profession, you might need to dedicate more time for prospecting. Once you determine the time you need to invest, for example 2 hours, make sure you set aside these 2 hours daily to accomplish the target. Set reminders on the calendar so that you don’t forget.The next step is to start calling prospects every single day. Financial advisors can maintain a list mentioning names of potential clients to call, follow-up calls etc. Consistency and focus is crucial to succeed in prospecting.


2. Put an end to procrastination
Financial experts spend their time on mundane tasks such as managing paperwork and keep on delaying prospecting which is far more important than other chores which can be easily done later. Don’t let anything distract you when you are calling up potential clients.


3. Keep developing your prospecting skills
Having impeccable soft skills are essential for your business. These abilities can be mastered with lots of careful practice. Be confident when you go for meetings and speak in a clear tone. Learn how to communicate your message to the prospect effortlessly and make sure you are on the same wavelength. The more financial experts work on their prospecting skills, the simpler it will become to speak to clients. Eventually, it will become a natural process and you will no longer be scared of prospecting.