Prospects will not choose a distributor based on his technical knowledge, product information or experience. Though these aspects are vital, they will not eventually convert prospects into long-term clients. If distributors want to make an impression, it is the soft skills such as trustworthiness, consideration which will help them accomplish this task successfully.

Given below are 3 grounds on which a prospect will select you over other distributors:

1. Persuade prospects that you understand their needs:

Prospective clients don’t require details about different products; they expect feasible solutions to their difficulties from an distributor. Prospects want an individual they can trust their money with. You have to make them believe that you will assist them in retiring comfortably or create a sizeable corpus for their child’s higher education. Show that you comprehend exactly what they need by asking relevant questions. Determine their objectives by asking questions such as ‘what are your retirement plans, do you wish to buy a house/car in the next 5 years?’

2. Show your personality:

When you meet prospects for the first time, they would only be aware about your experience and qualifications. They will be keen to know more about you as an individual and if they get along well with you. Tell them your reasons for being an distributor and give examples of how you have assisted clients in fulfilling their monetary dreams. Once the prospects realize that you are a genuine, affectionate person, they will start trusting you and talk about their investments.

3. Demonstrate enthusiasm and confidence:

Distributors should come across as being eager about the idea of working together with the potential client and realizing his goals. Prospects want to interact with positive individuals who they are compatible with. If an distributor displays an optimistic, happy behaviour, it will immediately help him connect with the prospect and build a bond. Be passionate about attaining the prospect’s goals and ensure them that you’ll make it happen. Moreover, always be confident and exhibit superior communication skills.

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