Technology has largely changed the way people manage their money. They can view all their investments on their phone or start a SIP plan in few seconds. Mutual fund distributors have realized the importance of technology and its role in enhancing client experience. Here are some ways they have adopted to complement their services


Enhanced use of CRM systems

Mutual fund distributors are nowadays utilising improved client relationship management (CRM) systems to develop stronger bonds with their clients. This system helps the distributor to store important client data and obtain vital personal information such as birthdays, anniversaries, major achievements etc. By keeping record of the important dates and moments in their clients’ lives, you can reach out to them personally during these key events and make them realize that you care about them.


Connecting with clients through digital platforms

Client communication is not just about meeting clients once in a month to discuss the growth of their investments or make changes in the financial plan. Thanks to mobile technology and hi-tech apps such as OFA, mutual fund distributors can connect with their clients from any corner of the globe. Clients can have varying needs or questions about a particular product or anxiety when markets are volatile. Digital platforms have now made it possible for distributors to be available for their clients and resolve their queries promptly.


Use of online vaults

Distributors are encouraging clients to make use of online vaults such as DigiLocker where documents can be stored digitally and it is completely safe. Clients can upload all their main files and access them whenever they want.

A trustworthy bond between mutual fund distributors and their clients can be strengthened by personal relations. Nonetheless, advanced technology has given distributors the opportunity to improve client experience and at the same time, cement their relationship further by assuring them that they will be always be there to guide them.