Considering the level of competition in the advisory industry, it has become vital for financial experts to have an edge over others. They must have that ‘X factor’ which differentiates them from the rest and helps them win over clients. To succeed, you must know how to stand apart from the crowd. Listed below are 4 effective ways


1. Possess exceptional soft skills
In addition to having detailed knowledge about financial products, advisors should also have soft skills if they want to stand out from the rest. Show the clients that you are an excellent listener by carefully hearing their aspirations and concerns. Give them the opportunity to talk and like you so that the likelihood of them choosing you as their financial expert is greater.


2. Follow a consistent routine
Developing a repeatable process and sticking to it distinguishes an elite advisor from the rest. Whether it is making phone calls to schedule client meetings, reviewing their portfolios, paperwork or staying updated with the latest industry happenings, adhere to the schedule and be consistent. Moreover, give equal importance to prospecting since it is the only method to acquire more clients. Set aside a fixed number of hours for prospecting daily.


3. Never get discouraged
You may not receive immediate results but don’t let such setbacks deter you from attaining your objectives. Keep going and your efforts will certainly pay off. Motivation and hard work are crucial to get to the top. A negative attitude will only push you one step back from being successful. Focus on the big picture.


4. Have faith in yourself
Always have a positive approach towards your practice and believe in your abilities. Financial advisors must keep in mind that they play a pivotal role in managing their clients’ finances and achieving their monetary goals. Your clients can think of a comfortable life post retirement because they know you are helping them build a corpus. If you have strong conviction, your clients will have the same in you.