Prospects might not understand your value or choose you as their advisor in the first meeting itself. Financial advisors should not wait for them to respond, they must always follow-up by calling them directly. Given below are some innovative approaches to follow-up with a potential client:

  1. Send a gratitude email

After your meeting with a prospect, send him an appreciation email. Doing this will have an impressive and persuasive impact. Moreover, you will stay in the prospects’ mind which is beneficial if they are selecting among a number of financial experts. Keep the email short with a concise summary of the meeting and expressing your desire to help the prospect achieve his goals.

  1. Invite prospects to connect on LinkedIn

When you invite prospects to join you on LinkedIn, it gives you an opportunity to view their social presence. This platform offers both the prospect and the advisor a chance to know more about each other. You can go through their profile and involve them in relevant chats on various LinkedIn groups. Financial advisors must ensure that their LinkedIn profile is updated as it will help the prospect understand in detail about their expertise and past work experience.

  1. Focus on adding value

Don’t think about sales or products when you follow-up with prospects. Concentrate on offering value and how you can solve their financial worries. An effective tip is to send them articles related to their particular objectives such as planning for retirement or buying a house. This will indicate to the prospect that you are keen to handle their finances and develop confidence.

  1. Follow up by inviting prospects for seminars

Workshops and seminars held for current clients are also advantageous for potential clients. Inviting them for such events will give them a chance to interact with your existing clientele and speak about different financial topics such as tax planning, mutual funds etc. It will show that apart from being dependable, you are also proficient in meeting expectations and realizing goals.