It is not easy to get referrals, and it is certainly tougher to convert a prospect into a client. Once the client comes on board, financial advisors must make an effort to turn them into loyal clients. Here are some useful tips to develop a trustworthy relationship between advisors and new clients:

1. Offer a personal touch
Wishing them on their birthdays, anniversaries, sending a small congratulatory message on achieving milestones, all these actions will always be appreciated by your clients. It will help you create a deeper bond which will eventually result in an increase in faithfulness. Note down key events which are stated during meetings. To make sure that you don’t forget any events, set reminders.

2. Keep the communication simple
The best method to stand apart from others is by being yourself. Clients like to interact with individuals who are genuine. Even though financial jargon may aid at times to highlight your understanding in a particular area, you should not get carried away as it can confuse clients and make them feel disconnected. Keep in mind that the knowledge levels of clients can be variable; hence using their language will help clients understand you better and relate to what you are saying.

3. Be available when clients need you
Clients who realize that you are there for them whenever they require your guidance are more likely to be loyal and stick with you in the long run. Respond to client queries within a span of 24 hours. In case you are not going to be in office for some days, set an automatic message system so that your clients know that you are unavailable for a particular period and you will get in touch once you are back. In case of an emergency, make sure you are available.