What makes a financial advisor succeed? Majority of them will mention qualities such as intelligence, networking abilities, dedication and expertise etc. No doubt these attributes are crucial for advisors to grow their business. However, there is one key characteristic that is above everything else when it comes to being successful – trust.

Any advisor-client relationship is built on the foundation of trust. Your client’s behaviour is often influenced by trust. When a financial expert becomes skilled at gaining the confidence and trust of his clients, he will certainly be victorious. On the other hand, clients who trust their advisors remain loyal to them, give them referrals happily, share details about their finances willingly, accept their suggestions without any concerns and most importantly, respect and value the service offered by their advisor.

There is no short-cut to develop trust. It is a holistic process which takes time and effort. One single mistake or wrong action can break trust. A trusted financial expert will display the following traits:

  • Gives more importance to the long-term bond with clients over other issues
  • Will never force his opinion
  • Pays attention to the client’s goals and current monetary situation
  • Meets expectations and fulfils responsibilities undertaken
  • Handles investor concerns when markets are volatile by being touch with them
  • Offers unbiased advice about investments and responds patiently to any objections raised by clients
  • Possesses the confidence, expertise and determination to attain client goals
  • Behaves like an honest and real individual
  • Provides sensible guidance to clients and helps them grow

Trust cannot be earned automatically; financial advisors have to gain trust by their actions and conduct aimed at the client’s well-being. Moreover, being proficient and smart is not enough to earn trust. The ability to provide genuine solutions is also important. Financial advisors must be able to offer clients a realistic solution to their problems and hence, be worthy of their trust.