Partner Success Team

Sr. Executive Partner Success Team

Reporting to:
Head – Partner Success Team

Educational Qualifications
CFP (Additional Qualification)
At least 1 to 5 years experience

Overview of the Role

Responsible for being a one point contact and mentoring Independent Financial Advisers with an aim to help they meet their revenue goals. This is done over the phone, skype and emails to help IFA’s increase their productivity leading to a higher degree of satisfaction with their clients.

Essentially they are responsible to use their in-depth knowledge of the platform to advise IFA’s how to provideinformation and investment ideas to their end customers.

To do this they need to have an understanding of financial information, the technology platform and be able to articulate this clearly.

Typical work activities

Work activities usually include:

  • Helping IFA’s engage with their clients through effective use of tools, reports and the technology platform
  • Assisting IFA’s with using the technology platform to effectively advise clients
  • Creating Analytical Reports generated via the platform for the IFA’s based on the data provided
  • Effectively explaining the reports generated to the IFA’s to help them and address any queries they may have
  • Creating execution plans with IFA’s ensuring they have the required product details required
  • Monitoring execution plans and addressing any queries that arise
  • Solicit and share feedback on products and services and the usage of the platform

Competencies required for the Role

Achievement Orientation:

  • Believes s/he has control over the outcome of a task
  • Plans an activity and then implements the plan
  • Has a well disciplined approach to goals
  • Self-motivated – requires minimum supervision – Is self-reliant and Independent

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Is comfortable to communicate openly across levels most of the time
  • Is able to accept and ask for help where needed
  • Will go out of their way to assist others
  • Contributes and works in a team
  • Believes in contributing to a larger goal

Sales & Customer Experience Skills:

  • Is able to negotiate well and make exceptions where required
  • Is able to sell benefits easily – believes in creating interest by arousing curiosity
  • Is Passionate about work and sales – helping a customer motivates them


  • Is able to clearly articulate ideas and thoughts –speaks with energy and enthusiasm
  • Communicates clearly and concisely under pressure
  • Listens attentively to the speaker and actively asks questions to confirm understanding and avoid miscommunications
  • Keeps others informed of issues that affect them; displays a sensitivity to time and confidentially of information