About OFA
Omni Financial Advisor (OFA) is a high-end technology platform created for the gen-next advisors who have an urge to add value in their relationship with clients and focus in growing their business to a new level. OFA is driven with an aim to empower advisors digitally for better client engagement. It helps advisors increase their assets under management, identify product opportunities and win their clients confidence and loyalty. With resilient data management systems, dedicated team of information and technology specialists we ensure the highest standards of data security, completeness, quality and authentication. OFA enjoys a high level of confidence amongst a diverse group of clientele across the sector including financial institutions, mutual fund house, distributors to name few.

OFA is designed, developed and maintained by FIINFRA which was started in the year 2014. In recent times, Anand Rathi which is a leading financial services firm in India has taken a majority stake in FIINFRA and thus, FIINFRA has become a part of Anand Rathi Group. The group which has its presence in more than 1200 locations in India along with an international presence in Dubai employs over 2500 professionals. Anand Rathi shares the same value as FIINFRA in enabling advisors for better client engagement and exceeds the hope for a firm that FIINFRA can combine with and continue the tradition for excellent service, deep expertise and better environment for clients.

With a larger organization, we believe it will allow us to provide wide array of services, efficient research team and technology.

Bishnu Sahu
CEO & Co-Founder

An engineer and MBA graduate with over 20 years of experience in industries like advertising, marketing and financial services. He is known for his commitment towards a culture of customer centricity, reputation for long-term customer partnerships and innovation. His role is to chart out and execute roadmap for the company and focus on shaping the strategic direction of the key initiatives for the future and achieve overall business growth.

Harbinder Saini
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

A Computer engineer with over 26 years of experience in IT industry specializing in platforms, products & solutions for Banking, Payments and Capital markets. Harbinder has a wide gamut of experiences delivering platform, products and solutions to financial markets using a wide range of technologies including open source. He has been the principal Architect of FIINFRA’s technology platform & mobile apps and has been responsible for crafting its design, delivery and implementation strategy.

Digitally Enable Financial Advisors for better Client Servicing
Make a difference in the advisory business.
Provide the best technology to all our intermediaries.
Revolutionize the way trusted advisors serve the needs of their clients.